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Just FYI,

All my posts link to my friends website:

Detroit, MI home for sale

A place on the old bob-lo island. I used to go there as a kid.

Chelsea, MI home

Chelsea is another great little community just outside of Ann Arbor. I’ve not been out to this area of town, but the house looks nice

Ann Arbor house for sale in Burns Park

Take a look at this stunning Burns park area home. I used to live in this area and miss it.

Ann Arbor homes for sale

So, I’ve lived in Ann Arbor most of my life and I know the area pretty well.

This blog is my way to list some properties I find cool in the greater Ann Arbor, MI area. These are all homes I found for sale at the time of this posting. I’m not a real estate agent, but someone who loves to look at houses.

Thanks for reading!